Khajoor Aur Imli Ki Chutney(Sweet date-and-tamarind chutney)

Comman Chutneys For pani puri, samosa, kachori, and all type of snacks

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Small, crisp flat wafers made with dough, often used in Indian street food.
In India it is often called as MATHRI.
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Naan, nan or noon is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread found in the cuisines of Central and South Asia.
Naan Can be variously cooked like by adding garlic or coriander.
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Luchi is a deep-fried flatbread made of wheat flour that is typical of Bengali, Assamese, Maithili and Oriya cuisine.
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An Indian bread which is the common and daily stuff which is included in the meal whether it is lunch dinner or else in some parts of Indian people eat roti with tea and pickle as the breakfast.

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It is the main breakfast meal in north India and every house in north as well as in Delhi eat Parathas in breakfast.
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Paneer, Cottage Cheese, Pressed Cheese and many more name for this awesome and delicious dairy product.
As we know Indians are crazy for Paneer and used in various dishes on street side and also the common ingredient in parties, wedding and other functions.
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Ganthia (Gram Flour Snack)

This is a simple snack that looks like a small, stout stick made from gram flour and Indian spices, usually served with tea.
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Dahi (Perfect Yogurt)

A dairy product from which you can make Lassi, Butter Milk and use it in various curry recipe etc etc etc..
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Brown Rice

Brown is much healthier than white rice.
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Appam (Fermented-rice pancakes)

Traditionally, fresh toddy (an alcohol made from the sap of palm trees) is used to ferment the batter for appams. A special type of cast-iron wok called an appam kadai is used to cook these pancakes from the south, but any small nonstick wok will work as well. Just make sure it has a heavy lid
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